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What Is Your Story

Many people dream of being part of something BIG in their life-time, fortunately ATHENA Research Group has made it possible for you to provide your opinion and share your experiences as a way to influence the products and services which are developed each day… We call it “What is Your Story”!

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logos-logos-and-more-logos-1600x1000ATHENA RESEARCH GROUP is a national marketing research firm located in Southern California which develops discussion panels on a wide variety of consumer and business topics.  These panels serve strictly as opinion forums.  Nothing is ever sold, not will any participant’s name appear on any mail or phone lists — all your information is completely confidential.

esig-focus-group-11-21-08WE NEED YOUR EXPERT OPINION Our clients hire us to find out what people like you think about new ideas and to discover what causes consumers to make certain choices.  Who knows better than you do what motivates you?  Topics for consumer discussion panels may include children’s toys, leisure activities, music, home electronics, food, restaurants or new television shows.  We always need new respondents and fresh ideas.  There is room for everyone.

Athena_Focus GroupGET PAID FOR YOUR OPINIONS If you would like to be contacted, occasionally, and be paid for giving your honest opinion, positive or negative, click on the “Consumer Panel Member” button and answer the questions on the Panel Form.  The more information you give, the more likely you are to be called.  Please note that the information contained in this form is and will remain strictly confidential.  We will NEVER sell or give your name or contact information to anyone.  We only use your responses as a guide for our database, so that if your criteria fits our clients’ needs, you will then be contacted regarding up-coming CASH PAID research studies. If you have any questions please contact us at or call 1-866-973-4353.

YES… Market research is nothing new. Companies have used Research Facilities such as Athena for many years to help improve their products and services.
You will be paid AFTER you attend and participate in a Focus Group or other research project. Athena is one of the few companies who still pay CASH after each session. However you will be paid either Check, Debit/Credit card or an electronic transfer under certain circumstances.

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